Pellet Therapy for Men

BioTE® Medical’s hormone therapy options for men may help address fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, brain fog, erectile dysfunction, depression, and anxiety. Hormone therapy can ultimately provide relief of hormonal imbalance symptoms so that you can go back to living a healthy, symptom-free life. Weight Loss MD Boulder has helped numerous men undergo BioTE’s method of pellet therapy and hope to extend the opportunity to you. If you want to learn more about BioTE, drop by, call or email our Boulder office today for more information regarding hormone replacement treatment options for men.

How to Get Started with Pellet Therapy in Boulder
Getting started with pellet therapy is a relatively easy process, just reach out to Weight Loss MD Boulder. We will ask you some questions about your basic health and proceed with a blood test to determine if undergoing hormone therapy is the right course of action for you. If so, we will then create pellets to cater to your hormonal deficiencies. Our Certified BioTE Providers will then insert pellets beneath your skin; the pellets will then begin to dissolve over time, administering consistent hormone dosages throughout for three to six months.

Customized Hormone Therapy in Boulder
Hormone pellets are unlike any other hormone imbalance option out there as they are customized to target an individual’s specific hormonal needs. At Weight Loss MD Boulder, we utilize BioTE’s approach to pellet therapy to provide hormone therapy for men. Pellets are bioidentical and similar to the hormones of the human body. Consistent doses are released into the bloodstream, making hormone pellet therapy often more effective than topical or oral therapies. Get in touch with our medical professionals in Boulder to find out more about our hormone therapy options for men.

Feel the Difference After Therapy in Boulder
Within weeks many patients notice the positive effects of undergoing hormone therapy for men at our Weight Loss MD Boulder office. If you have a hormonal imbalance, chances are you are experiencing a myriad of symptoms for which there are few options that could provide relief. The experts at Weight Loss MD Boulder may be able to help you with these symptoms through BioTE’s method of pellet therapy. Get in touch with our team of qualified professionals in Boulder today to learn more about hormone pellets today!