Pellet Therapy for Women

Women who regularly experience fatigue, depression, anxiety, and low blood pressure should contact Weight Loss MD Boulder, as those symptoms might be the indication of a hormonal imbalance. Generally, a hormonal imbalance can occur as the result of poor dieting, a lack of exercise and or one’s stress levels. Hormonal imbalances may also reflect an individual’s genetic predisposition for certain conditions. If you feel hormones might relate to what you’re feeling, there is a solution. Weight Loss MD Boulder offers BioTE® Medical’s therapy options to treat hormonal imbalances in women at our clinic. Reach out to us today if you have questions regarding our hormone therapy options for women.

Weight Loss MD Boulder’s Hormone Therapy Process
The path to a better you through hormone pellet therapy is just a phone call away. If you contact our Certified BioTE Providers, they’ll ask you a few questions before setting up an appointment at our office in Boulder. Once you’ve arrived, we will take a blood test to determine whether to proceed with pellet therapy. If you are found to be a good candidate, our specialists will then customize hormone pellets that can address your specific hormonal imbalance needs. A pellet will then be inserted beneath the skin, dissolving over time while releasing consistent doses of hormones Depending on activity levels, stress and gender of the patient, the pellets should last three to six months.

Varying Symptoms? Contact Our Clinic in Boulder
Each batch of hormone pellets used in the BioTE approach to hormone therapy is custom-made to cater to an individual patient’s particular hormonal imbalance needs. The customization of bioidentical pellets helps to aid in the success of hormone therapy for women. Many of our Boulder patients report an easing of symptoms in two to four weeks, but full optimization might take up to six months. If you’re in Boulder and are interested in learning more about hormone pellet therapy, contact our clinic today.

Leading Provider of BioTE to Boulder
Weight Loss MD Boulder has been one of the leading providers of BioTE’s method using hormone pellet therapy in the area for many years. We have helped patients in Boulder regain their health and implement lifestyle changes through the hormone therapy that we offer. If you’re interested in the benefits of pellet therapy, reach out to us at our office in Boulder today for more information!