Protein Bars & Shakes 

One effective way Boulder residents reduce daily caloric intake and achieve weight loss goals is to replace meals with nutrient-rich protein shakes and protein bars. When these protein supplements are combined with moderate exercise and a balanced diet, they can refuel your body and encourage the desired amount of muscle mass increase. Although there are many benefits to this form of weight loss, shakes and bars are not without calories and must be factored into your daily intake for optimal benefits. The Weight Loss MD Boulder staff can help you figure out which options best fit into your weight loss program.

Curb Cravings with Protein Supplements from Weight Loss MD Boulder
Sugar cravings and excessive hunger are some of the pitfalls that often lead to poor meal choices, derailing any weight loss plan. The Weight Loss MD Boulder staff can lead you through how to combat those cravings and avoid hasty decisions with careful meal selections, including protein shakes and bars. Protein has been proven to curb hunger, but many shakes and bars are loaded with sugar and excess calories, so they must be consumed in moderation. As a thoughtful meal replacement, protein supplements can be an excellent source of nutrients that will help you stay on target to achieve your weight loss goals.

Protein as an Effective Weight-Loss Tool
When your body metabolizes food rich in protein, hormones that curb hunger are released, allowing for weight loss, so protein is an effective way to reach your weight loss goals. The Weight Loss MD Boulder team recommends protein shakes and protein bars as part of you daily protein intake to as an effective weight-loss tool. At the Boulder offices we carry HealthWise protein bars and shakes. We are always adding new flavors but currently we have the following:


Chocolate Mint
Strawberry Cheesecake
Peanut Pretzel
Caramel Nut
Caramel Crunch
Chocolate Peanut Dream
Rockie Road
Caramel Brownie

15G Protein Shakes:



Aloha Mango

Protein Shakes and Bars Help Boulder Residents Achieve Weight Loss
Optimal protein intake is generally 40 to 50 grams daily for healthy adults, however proper weight loss programs evaluate the existing weight and general health of each individual rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. For those who have trouble reaching their required daily intake, protein supplements like shakes and bars can help you achieve the desired amount. When consumed as part of a balanced eating plan, shakes and bars can help you feel full, curb cravings and avoid blood sugar crashes. For more information, contact Weight Loss MD Boulder today to talk with one of our specialists about protein and its ability to help people lose weight.