B12 Injections

In its natural state, vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays an essential role in DNA synthesis, red blood cell formation, nerve cell health and energy production. Individuals with B-12 deficiencies who are hoping to increase their senses of well-being can benefit from the B-12 shots offered by Weight Loss MD Boulder because vitamin B-12 injections help the human body to utilize stored fat and proteins, increasing energy and alleviating symptoms of depression. Although our Boulder area patients can experience improvements within two to three days, however, results vary from patient to patient due to various biological factors.

B-12 Shots Help with Energy, Weight Loss
Vitamin B-12 is an essential component of weight management, therefore B-12 shots are a valuable part of any weight loss program. When administered directly into the bloodstream by a specialist at Weight Loss MD Boulder, a vitamin B-12 supplement can be absorbed at an accelerated rate, promoting notable weight reduction. Coupled with other weight loss measures offered at Weight Loss MD Boulder, clients can attain slimmer physiques in a shorter amount of time.

Vitamin B-12 Injections Fight Fatigue, Other Concerns
Vitamin B-12 injections can be a vital component of maintaining optimal health for more than just those with deficiencies. Benefits of Weight Loss MD Boulder staff-guided vitamin B-12 therapy include increased cellular respiration, allowing the body to convert nutrients effectively, enhancing energy, improving concentration and boosting endurance. Vitamin B-12 injections have also been known to maintain neurological health, mitigate the effects of neuropathy and improve cognitive function. Following a supplement injection administered by one of the trained professionals at our Boulder office, your body will be equipped to mitigate toxicity buildup, maintain cardiovascular health and bolster gastrointestinal function.

B-12 Injections for the Overall Good Health of Our Boulder Clients
At a cellular level, Vitamin B-12 aids in the production of DNA and assists in cellular respiration to give the body the energy it needs to function. It is an indispensable part of red blood cell production to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system as well as a strong nervous system. The body doesn’t make B-12, so you need to get it from outside sources like meat, fish, eggs and supplements. If you’ve undergone weight loss surgery or adhere to a plant-based diet, you may be at risk of B-12 deficiency. Signs of deficiencies can cause muscle weakness, heart palpitations and even vision loss. A B-12 injection can address the deficiency while also boosting energy, improving mood, and promoting mental clarity. The professionals at Weight Loss MD Boulder can work with you to develop a plan to add B-12 injections to aid in your overall health and well-being.