Phendimetrazine is weight loss medication designed to stimulate the central nervous system and increase your heart rate and blood pressure, while working to decrease your appetite. Phendimetrazine is a powerful medication that when used in tandem with diet and exercise can treat obesity. Drugs in this class are known anorectics. They not only suppress the appetite, but also affect metabolism and the central nervous system. If you’re interested in starting with phendimetrazine, contact Weight Loss MD Boulder to learn more.

Weight Loss Medication Aids with Diet for Weight Loss in Boulder
Phendimetrazine is an FDA-approved weight loss medication and appetite suppressant that can help with weight loss measures when a patient follows a portion control and exercise program. The medication helps to metabolize fat and is mostly oriented to those who have tried other weight loss measures and have come up short. It increases the metabolic rate, which leads to a significant decrease in weight. Similar to amphetamines, the pills stimulate the nervous system and help with adrenalin release.

Immediate Appetite Suppressant Pills to Lose Weight in Boulder
One of the many valuable habit changes involved in every healthy eating plan is making better decisions about what we eat. But there is another factor that is equally as important—how we eat. Overeating is the reason for 30 percent of the problem for those who seek weight loss help, so the skilled team at Weight Loss MD Boulder counsels patients about how to eat in healthy moderation. Some Boulder patients may experience weight loss plateaus, but phendimetrazine starts working almost immediately to jump start the weight loss process.

Weight Loss Counseling for Boulder Patients
One of the first steps the team at Weight Loss MD Boulder will do upon your first visit is conduct a consultation with a trained professional. Here, we will go over your health history and weight loss goals, so we can see if phendimetrazine is right for you. Some medical conditions and prescription medications prevent appetite suppressant pills from working to their full potential and may jeopardize the overall health of some patients. The office staff at Weight Loss MD Boulder is well trained to identify risk factors and help you come to an informed decision about if phendimetrazine is right for you.