Phentermine’s intended use is to be a part of an overall weight loss plan and is one of the most commonly prescribed weight loss drugs on the market. It’s an appetite suppressant pill that’s typically prescribed when all other weight loss options have been exhausted. It stimulates the central nervous system, which increases heart rate and blood pressure. The boost of energy offered by this powerful weight loss medication is unrivaled in its effectiveness to decrease your appetite and help stimulate further weight loss.

Appetite-Suppressant Pills Aid Weight Loss Goals in Boulder
Phentermine is an effective weight loss medication that is classified as a controlled substance. Because of this status, it is only available via prescription by a doctor. If you visit Weight Loss MD Boulder for weight loss assistance, ask your medical professional about the use of phentermine and how it can help with your long-term weight loss plan. Sometimes, diet and exercise alone cannot bring about a desired goal weight. Our products and services can help our Boulder clients along the way. Contact us in Boulder to help you get started on a weight loss regimen that works for you.

Phentermine Helps Boost Metabolism in Boulder
To effectively lose weight, one needs a diet plan that will cater to his or her own specific needs. Weight Loss MD Boulder will work with you and tailor your treatment to your weight loss expectations. Phentermine is a weight loss medication prescribed by our physicians to boost energy and is an appetite-suppressant pill to help you achieve the weight you want to be. Never use phentermine in larger doses, or for longer than it is prescribed, as it can produce serious side-effects.

Boulder Physicians Help Suppress Hunger Pangs
Phentermine are appetite-suppressant pills to be used for short term use, in tandem with other weight loss measures. Through the reduction of calories through a healthy diet and exercise, this weight loss medication can be a highly effective tool for in your weight-reduction regimen. As an appetite suppressant, this pill works to give a boost to metabolism to help you not feel as hungry. Your medical practitioners in Boulder will only prescribe this medication for about 12 weeks at a time to assist with losing weight. To learn more about this medication and its effects, call our Boulder clinic today.