Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid 

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin we need to protect our bodies from free radicals, which not only come from outside pollutants but from the human body’s natural metabolic processes. As an antioxidant, vitamin C neutralizes free radicals. As an essential nutrient, vitamin C also helps the body oxidize fat, heal wounds, repair tissue and form collagen. The Weight Loss MD Boulder team recommends ascorbic acid vitamin C supplements to promote healthy weight loss and our specialists are ready to speak with you today regarding how it can benefit you.

Ascorbic Acid for the Overall Health of Our Boulder Clients
Ascorbic acid vitamin C is a fundamental component of overall health. It is involved in all phases of the healing process, making it an integral part of our immune system’s ability to fight sickness, disease and infections as well as repair cartilage, bones and teeth.  It is also used to form collagen, a protein used to make healthy connective tissue like tendons, ligaments and radiant skin. It aids in the formation of blood vessels and strengthens arterial walls, allowing the cardiovascular system to function properly. The Weight Loss MD Boulder team recommends ascorbic acid vitamin C for weight loss and can guide you through how it will support your overall health goals.

Vitamin C and Fat Oxidation
Fat oxidation is the body’s ability to convert fat to fuel during periods of exercise and rest. Inadequate vitamin levels inhibit fat oxidation as the body metabolic rate is lowered to compensate for the deficiencies, thus leading to increased measurements and elevated Body Mass Index (BMI) percentages. In addition to healthy eating, taking supplements such as ascorbic acid vitamin C can bolster fat oxidation. Individuals with healthy levels of vitamin C have been proven to oxidize more fat than individuals with lower levels, so the Weight Loss MD Boulder team recommends ascorbic acid vitamin C for healthy weight loss and is ready to speak with you today about how it may benefit you.

Using Vitamin C to Complete the Weight Loss Programs of Our Boulder Patients
The human body doesn’t naturally produce vitamin C, so a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables like citrus, berries and leafy greens, and vitamin C supplements are a vital part of achieving optimal levels of vitamin C in the body. Boulder residents with healthy levels of vitamin C readily oxidize fat stores both during moderate exercise and while at rest, leading to higher weight loss, smaller measurements and lower BMI percentages. At Weight Loss MD Boulder, we can help you achieve your goals using vitamin C for weight loss paired with the other treatments we offer.