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Medical spas like Weight Loss MD Boulder are vastly different from your average, posh day spa. Weight Loss MD Boulder is overseen by medical professionals and offers a variety of procedures that are performed under the supervision of a provider. Medical procedures cannot be performed at a day spa, but can be performed at a medical spa, such as ours. We are a results-driven medical spa that offers CoolSculpting®, BioTE® Medical’s method of hormone replacement therapy and several weight-loss clinic services. If you’re in Boulder and want to elevate your sense of wellbeing, contact our office to learn more about our services and procedures!

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Hormone Therapy


Weight Loss

CoolSculpting Freezes Fat Cells at Boulder Clinic

A common misconception about the CoolSculpting is that it will help you lose weight. However, this is not the case. CoolSculpting does, however, help individuals lose fat, resulting in a slimmer appearance.  The function of the CoolSculpting procedure is to freeze and eliminate fat by targeting fat cells under the skin. These dead fat cells are processed through the body over time, giving you a trimmer figure. Up to 50 percent of the targeted fat can be removed with multiple treatments at our Boulder office.

Other Services


Laser Hair Removal

Protein Bars & Shakes


Boulder Clinic Specializes in BioTE Medical Hormone Replacement Therapy

 you could benefit from hormone replacement therapy include reduced libido, low energy, feelings of depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, or difficulty losing weight despite diet and exercise. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, BioTE might be beneficial for you. Contact our Certified BioTE Providers in Boulder today to find out more about BioTE and how it may help relieve your symptoms.

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World-Class Weight-Loss Clinic Serving Boulder

Our staff’s top goal at Weight Loss MD Boulder is here to assist with the weight loss of our clients. We are here to provide weight loss to residents in Boulder and help them achieve the bodies that they desire. We offer injections and hormones to aid in the weight-loss process. We can also prescribe pills or offer supplements that can suppress the appetite, boost metabolism or balance hormones. If you’re in Boulder and need weight-loss assistance, trust the medical professionals at Weight Loss MD Boulder to help you attain the body you want.

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